Austin Martin White

Born 1984 in Detroit, MI

Lives and works in Philadelphia, PA


White's artistic practice explores images that shape our historical memory, drawing on archival research that addresses issues of identity, race, and postcolonialism. Working in a variety of media including rubber, vinyl and screen mesh, the artist has developed a unique approach that interweaves paintings and works on paper with printmaking techniques.


Nylon mesh is used as the carrier of White‘s paintings. After applying a white latex primer, a mixture of rubber and pigments is added to the mesh surface from the back of the work, making the color push through the woven structure. The resulting haptic texture is akin to textiles or rugs. By choosing rubber as the core material of his paintings, he intertwines his themes with the historical conditions of the material itself. An export product of the colonies, it was a driver of the European industrialization and strengthened the economic power position of the Global North. This play of references permeating throughout White’s artistic practice operates like active traces that continuously recur in the past and influence the present.