Tris Vonna-Michell

12 March - 17 April 2010

Wasteful Illuminations

2008 – ongoing

All of ground floor and PVM CCTV monitor on basement


Wasteful Illuminations developed from a recording session – references were made to the surroundings in which the recording took place, including the architectural details of the gallery space, many of which were accustomed and manipulated to belong to the totality of the narration and evening itself. These references to the present alternated with the narratives of the past, which became a system of correspondences which also acted as props and prompts to memory.


The narrative was dotted with references to fish, fountains, ponds, ceramics, basins, lavatories, tiles, cleanliness, water, flows, transparency, photography, glass, grids. A ceramic model of the gallery space where the recording took place continued to materialise and fracture such compound themes and became an accompanying material illustration to the recording. Prior to the recording session a script was written, yet never directly referred to, but later re-integrated into the entirety of the work and enabled new threads to expand and return to the narrational origins of the piece, that being Japan.


hahn / huhn

2003 – ongoing


All on mezzanine floor, basement (dual projection) and glass table Dataton installation

so if we are at five-forty-one and i will try to perform a piece relating to berlin if you cant hear me feel free to come closer starts here or europe one facade north pole south pole asia africa four buses one tunnel stand back please s-bahn or u-bahn berlin dog walking wastelands bomb bomb bomb bang bang bang barbwire concrete americans communication again and again why are the russians in such a hurry to get beneath this one train station? march april may june they never return and then they stop the germans say hey this is yours stand back please stand back please mind the gap please a story from ber- lin i am in my hometown pack my bags bad german dog walking wastelands photographs photographs maps verify my story i am running out of time my german is so fucking bad one document one photograph now dogs titanium german men stand there with guns hes dead its irrelevant one facade one monument one street sign i am failing like i always fail and i am running out of time why didnt you just go on google? youre mocking me bang reinhold hahn find out the cock reinhold huhn bingo nineteen-six- ty-two twenty-second of june east to west my female chicken my family and the bullet the bullet now we have a man who dies for communism our female chicken who protects us ive got an image and the story ends i totally forgot about it from the gdr all i want is the two images together walking in circles around and around and around click bang the story concludes and its over history memory theres always meant to be one monument for every dead soldier i am ready with my camera and i look up to the street sign and pull out the camera [egg timer rings] we celebrate the shooter of the female chicken that concludes the story and an egg timer that just rang about thirty-three seconds


Leipzig Calendar Works

2005 – ongoing

Basement space. Also, merged with the Finding Chopin narratives too.


im cutting im cutting im tearing im tearing cut cut cut tear tear tear cut cut tear tear and the photographs have been decanted and the photographs from april from dicken dorff to may to may to june from van gogh to april to football to the beginning to origins and now may may day may day and shutters left and right and van gogh and im shredding and almost its almost over may day may day and then its done from one month in solitude and they shred shred shred and they shred and their machines massive machines i have a small machine they have a big machine they have papers millions hundreds of millions of papers and they shred shred shred shred shred and bang exposure too many too many files bad machines i have good machines i have bad machines i have a small machine i have a sh-sh-shredding and im shredding im shredding and im collaging im collaging and tweezers and pritt sticks and calendars calendars and the stasi and they shred shred shred with machines and bang and they say shit and they cut and they cut and they tear eighty-nine october november december revolution they say shit and they cut and they say no, no more, burn, let them burn all over east germany moment in time from leipzig to villages to berlin to stasi smoke synchronicity left right pencils pencil museums museums smoke and the east germans say why is there synchronicity? in this city to the village to east germany to this moment in time smoke pillars pillars synchronicity revolution they say wonder- ful and the stasi from the stasi they flee they flee they burn the c i a the men the men they collect the lines the shapes the papers the forms the forms are there and they piece it together and they take it away and all that’s left now is this two days left in a room in a room or and egg timer with four minutes left from the shredding from the april to the may to the june and now its complete perfect

Installation Views