A PAINTING IS TRADITIONALLY A WINDOW INTO ANOTHER WORLD: IT TAKES YOU SOMEWHERE ELSE: Karla Black interviewed by Larissa Kikol in Kunstforum International, Issue 272

  • “If Wonderland were an abstract world, it might come very close to a sculpture ensemble by Karla Black. It may have snowed eye shadow there. One would encounter ice floes made of sugar paper. Slipping slightly on Vaseline. Instead of seeing oneself reflected in glass, discover peculiar traces of color. And yet realize that one does not recognize anything concrete. Or, on the contrary, perhaps one simply knows everything as it is. With her sculptures, the English artist Karla Black creates an atmosphere that is turned towards the human being, which, however, cannot be grasped in its essence from a purely intellectual approach. Some of the sculptures seem tender, fragile and pink, but to conclude from this that femininity is the theme or the driving force is very short-sighted. A physical relationship to the human being, and one that is gender-independent, is instead the foundation. In the conversation, Karla Black discusses the significance of the physical in relation to her abstract work and reveals which properties of materials fascinate her.”


    To read the full interview, in German with an English translation at the end, please click here.


  • Karla Black, Looking Glass Number 13, 2019

    Karla Black

    Looking Glass Number 13, 2019
    Permanent marker pen (Sharpies) on mirror
    26 x 18 x 29 cm
    10.2 x 7.1 x 11.4 inches
  • Karla Black, Looking Glass Number 5, 2019

    Karla Black

    Looking Glass Number 5, 2019
    Glass paint on mirror
    59.5 x 45 cm
    23.43 17.72 inches