Walead Beshty

Natural Histories (Expanded Edition), JRP|Ringier, Zürich, 2014

Publisher: JRP|Ringier, Zürich.

ISBN: 9783037643532

Dimensions: 28,5 x 24 cm

Pages: 192

In-between time has always been central to Walead Beshty's work, be it depopulated modernist housing developments that sit precariously between evacuation and demolition ("Excursionist views"), plants, weeds, and vegetation contained within isolated highway medians ("Island Flora"), or abandoned shopping malls ("American Passages"). More recently, this engagement with the in-between has grown into a means of production, making use of such mundance procedures as air travel or sending a package, activities that usually recede into the background of an artist's productive life.

This reference monograph realized in close collaboration with the artist (*1976), presents a 10-year overview of Walead Beshty’s approach to photographic and sculptural representation. Alongside with new commissioned essays by Suzanne Hudson, Nicolas Bourriaud, as well as a conversation between Bob Nickas and Walead Beshty.

New expanded edition.

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