Monica Bonvicini

As Walls Keep Shifting, Kunsthaus Graz, Austria and Kunst Museum Winterthur, Switzerland, 2023
Texts by Konrad Bitterli, Monica Bonvicini, Jacob Fabricius, Katia Huemer, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Samuele Piazza, Barbara Steiner, Elena Zanichelli, 2023

Publisher: Walter Koenig.

ISBN: 9783753303086

Pages: 544

A comprehensive collection on the work of Monica Bonvicini As Walls Keep Shifting. Monica Bonvicini is known for her site-specific installations and interventions that challenge the viewer’s perception of space.


For more than 30 years, the artist has explored the interrelationships of architecture, gender, and power through the means of her artistic practice, which includes appropriating, fragmenting, and rearranging text, literature, images, and objects and building materials.


As Walls Keep Shifting is a comprehensive collection of Bonvicini’s work spanning from the early 1990s to the present. The 500+ page book juxtaposes a wide range of works, including her early documentary works published for the first time, drawings, collages, documentations of performances, and site-specific works, as well as her iconic installation As Walls Keep Shifting, which has been on view in various venues around the world.


Published with Kunsthaus Graz, on the occasion of the exhibition Monica Bonvicini: I Don’t Like You Very Much, 22 Apr – 21 Aug 2022, Kunsthaus Graz, Austria. Additionally published on the occasion of, and in association with, the exhibition Monica Bonvicini: Hurricanes and Other Catastrophes, 10 Sep – 13 Nov 2022, Kunst Museum Winterthur, Switzerland.

English, German, and Italian text.

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