Malcolm Morley

Sensations, Capitain Petzel, 2023
Malcolm Morley: Sensations, Capitain Petzel, 2023
ISBN: 978-3-9825338-0-3
€ 20.00

Accompanying the exhibition Malcolm Morley: Sensations, this publication highlights the life and work of the artist by citing quotes from fellow artists – both friends and colleagues of Malcolm Morley –, which emphasize the key aspects of his painting practice. The quotes included in this book range from personal stories and reflections on the personality of the artist, as well as deeply insightful musings about the character of his oeuvre and the medium of painting. ‘The difference between one Morley and another is in the ideas they contain about painting which take me beyond the visual’, says Richard Serra when asked his opinion on Morley’s work.


Malcolm Morley: Sensations

28 April - 10 June  2023


The exhibition is curated by Michael Short

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