So Much Energy, 2022

Published on the occasion of her solo exhibition, Leyla Yenirce: So Much Energy, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Germany 
October 15 - December 4, 2022


In her artistic practice, Leyla Yenirce deals multi-medially with figurations of resistance as well as cultural, medial and military structures of dominance. In particular, in her expansive installations, the artist connects what is too often assumed to be opposites––Feminism and war, pop culture and genocide, desire, longing and irony––and examines the conceptual level of images of martyrs. The book accompanies her exhibition SO MUCH ENERGY at Kunsthaus Hamburg.


Includes the following texts:

"If Only I Knew How to Disappear" by Mazlum Nergiz 

"What I Think of When I Think of Leyla's Work" by Enis Maci 

"Victims as Powerful Actors" by Anna Nowak

"Circle" by Leyla Yenirce 


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