Seth Price

Knots, 2018
Publisher: Petzel, New York & Hatje Cantz, Berlin .

ISBN: 978-3-7757-4448-5

Pages: 110

This lavish picture-book surveys Seth Price’s 2009–13 series of Knot Paintings, in which Price unites his signature vacuum-forming technique—an industrial plastic packaging process— with a refined group of painterly techniques that include acrylic and oil, spray-paint, screen-printing, poured resins, and patterned fabrics. Museum Brandhorst director Achim Hochdörfer has written: “These works stand at the heart of an expanded discourse on painting that took shape in the 2000s. Each Knot Painting introduces a fresh set of concerns: drawing and print techniques are integrated, slits are made in the surface, new ways of applying paint are tested. Painting becomes a node in a network of media-related and societal references.” Price developed the book’s concept and materials in close collaboration with designer Joseph Logan, yielding an artist's book in which the layout moves from extreme close-up to full views of these rich surfaces, while plastics and metal in the book's binding reflect the materiality of the works.

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