Adam McEwen

I Think I'm Love, Aspen Art Museum, 2017
Publisher: Aspen Art Press, Art:Concept, Gagosian, The Modern Institute, and Petzel.

ISBN: 978-0-934324-78-6

Published on the occasion of his first US solo exhibition, Adam McEwen: I Think I'm Love, Aspen Art Museum
January 13 - June 4, 2017

New York–based British artist Adam McEwen (born 1965) is known for works that engage viewers with a dark yet poignant sense of humor. Once employed to write obituaries for the London Daily Telegraph, McEwen began producing fictional obituaries of living subjects such as Bill Clinton, Kate Moss and Jeff Koons. His recent sculptural works include objects such as a life-size coffin-carrier fabricated from solid graphite (Bier, 2013) and deployed airbags cast in concrete (2015). Designed in close collaboration with the artist, this book includes a tightly curated selection of works that address the blurred boundaries between life and death, reality and fiction, and the everyday and the obscure. Featuring new texts by Wayne Koestenbaum, Lane Relyea and Heidi Zuckerman, alongside influential reprinted texts by writers Thomas Bernhard and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, as well as a short piece by the artist himself, the publication offers a poignant, introspective look at McEwen’s multilayered practice.

Includes the following texts:
"Emergency Love" by Adam McEwen
"Realism's Pencil Tip and How Easily It Breaks" by Lane Relyea
"Colors: From the Letters of a Man Who Returned" by Hugo von Hofmannsthal
"The Secret Melancholy of Adam McEwen" by Wayne Koestenbaum
"Speech at the Awarding of the Georg Büchner Prize" by Thomas Bernhard
"The Life Quixotic" by Heidi Zuckerman

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