Artsy: "The 10 Best Booths at Paris+ par Art Basel 2023"

Arun Kakar, October 19, 2023

Sometimes art fairs come at opportune moments for galleries, or, rather, galleries create opportune moments for art fairs. Whichever is the case, it is certainly clear that Berlin-based Capitain Petzel’s booth illustrates a gallery in its sweet spot.


Works from newly represented artists Mikołaj Sobczak and Monica Bonvicini are on view—Sobczak’s historically tinged surrealistic paintings, tucked in the corner of the booth, are a treat—in addition to several new standout works from the breadth of the gallery’s roster.


Sanya Kantarovsky’s Night Prayer (2023) features a compelling subject deep in a moment of contemplation, while a painting by Sean Landers—whose solo show “Animal Kingdom” has just opened at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris—depicts a dog, directly facing the viewer in a forest of trees scrawled in utterances. Another highlight, hung aloft in the booth, is Andrea Bowers’s Chandeliers of Interconnectedness (We Are Made From This Earth She Said, Quote by Susan Griffin) (2023), a hanging sculpture that creates leaves from steel rods, wrapped in neon and recycled glass, with a line of prose by the playwright and radical feminist philosopher Susan Griffin running down its spine.


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