Chiara Di Leone , December 31, 2022

"Evading classification, the German artist revels in disorienting her viewers with her exquisite oil paintings... Her deliberately insubordinate paintings are a com- mitted and joyful exploration of escapism. “It’s about going constantly around the corner; it is a very consciously evasive process,” Heinze says of her practice. “The way I draw is very conscious, though. I do a line and a shape and then I say OK, I am leaving, bye.’” But what exactly is she avoiding? When asked, Heinze answers confidently: history. “History and classification,” the artist clarifies, and “the well-known ways to interpret images.” This antagonism to the stiffness that comes with being bulked together with the similar could easily be dismissed as ahistorical, a resistance toward being overlooked by being understood and therefore wanting to impose oneself above the rest. But one must resist this reading and keep looking. It is worth it. In spite of resisting facile references, order, and linear interpretations, Heinze’s work revels in precision, which is detectable in her inten- tional lines and impeccable compositions."


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