The poetic for me is a higher form of justice: A conversation between Robert Longo and Heinz-Norbert Jocks IN KUNSTFORUM INTERNATIONAL, ISSUE 273

  • In the life of the artist Robert Longo, who was born in Brooklyn in 1953, music plays a major role that has so far received little attention in reports about him. He is not only an excellent draftsman of the large format, creating a nuanced world between black and white with charcoal, but also a passionate musician who played in bands from a young age. The relationship between the two mediums was brought up in conversation by the coincidence that loud rock music was already blaring from outside the studio in New York at 11 in the morning. In the course of the conversation, Longo also talked about how it always happens that he, as an artist, involuntarily becomes political.


    For an excerpt of the conversation in German, please click here.

    Full conversation in Kunstforum International Issue 273



  • Robert Longo, Study of Riot Cops w/ Tear Gas Guns + Shields, 2018

    Robert Longo

    Study of Riot Cops w/ Tear Gas Guns + Shields, 2018 Ink and charcoal on vellum
    Image Dimensions: 40.3 x 83.8 cm / 16 x 33 inches
    Framed Dimensions: 76.8 x 117.2 cm / 30.2 x 46.1 inches