Rhizome 7/7 | Moving Images: Yael Bartana, Andrea Bowers, Sean Landers, Maria Lassnig, Sarah Morris, Pieter Schoolwerth, Amy Sillman

To mark the final node of the Rhizome Series, Capitain Petzel presents a selection of video works by several positions from the gallery program. For featured artists Yael Bartana, Andrea Bowers and Sarah Morris film represents an established part of their artistic positions. In the cases of Sean Landers, Maria Lassnig, Pieter Schoolwerth and Amy Sillman however, the medium is less prevalent in their respective practices, though the result is equally remarkable. In this seventh, final node of the Rhizome, we relish in the visual and audio creations of these diverse positions – which elicit amongst others, experiences that are politically charged, humorous, or informed by existential considerations towards artistic practice.