Rhizome 5/7 | The Technical Image: Walead Beshty, Barbara Bloom, Peter Piller, Seth Price, Kelley Walker, Christopher Williams

For the 5th node of the Rhizome series, Capitain Petzel presents works from a selection of artists from the gallery program, revolving around the Technical Image – a term adapted by contributing artist Walead Beshty for his exhibition and accompanying publication Picture Industry: A Provisional History of the Technical Image, 1844–2018. This project concerned itself with the exploration of the rich history of mechanically-reproduced imagery from the nineteenth century to the present.


The term Technical Image was originally coined in the early 1980s by the Czech-born philosopher Vilém Flusser, who defined it simply as “an image produced by apparatuses”. Understanding apparatuses as automatons of decision making and of the execution of material and symbolic work — which then ultimately arrange symbols and inscribe them in objects — Beshty has used the term of the Technical Image as a production approach and subsequent prism of analysis for his work as well as that of fellow artists. Capitain Petzel has found the term and its pertaining conceptuality equally applicable to the works of other artists in the gallery program, namely Barbara Bloom, Peter Piller, Seth Price, Kelley Walker and Christopher Williams.