Andrea Bowers

'Education Should Be Free', permanent installation, Manetti Shrem Museum

Andrea Bowers’ practice documents and celebrates social movements, making visible the labor inherent in creating change. As an artist who is passionate about activism, she is “trying to change hearts and minds with aesthetics.” In the installation Education Should Be Free (UC Davis), Bowers asserts that education is a human right and should be free from the burdens of student debt. UC Davis students with whom she collaborated expanded the meaning of the statement. Education should be free from racism, from patriarchy, from ableism.  


Drawing us in with its beauty, this bright neon challenges the university community to consider our own engagement with the public education system. How do we envision free education? How do we provide open access to learning opportunities? And how do we enact profound change within our institutions? 


Education Should Be Free. What does it mean to you? 

Students, faculty and staff are carrying forward these and other questions through a series of collaborations with Bowers and the museum. Visit their projects and join the conversation below.


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July 8, 2021
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