Matt Mullican

'Five Color Garden', Cathedral Lawn, Lübeck
July 17 - October 9, 2022

Matt Mullican starts his retrospective MAPPING THE WORLD with a sculptural object: a circular bedding with flowers of many colours on the lawn outside Lübeck Cathedral. He will be using black petunias, red busy Lizzies, white sweet alyssum, blue lobelias and yellow burr marigolds. This is the first time in Germany that the artist has used bedding plants to depict his universe of colours and shapes, after creating one floral installation in Antwerp.


If the choice of colour plays an important role in Mullican’s cosmology, so do simple geometric shapes like circles, triangles and squares, because their clarity makes them easy both to use and be perceived as symbols, and in their general interpretation they are already invested with meaning. A circle, for example, is the epitome of a symbol for life. This clear structure is exemplified on the Cathedral Lawn in the reduced range of colours and shapes and runs through all the exhibition venues in Lübeck like a thread. 


The exhibition chapter Five Color Garden is part of the larger exhibition project MAPPING THE WORLD for the Possehl Prize for International Art 2022 awarded to Matt Mullican. 


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July 8, 2022
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