Sarah Morris

'An Exhibition With Little Information' (Group show), Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, South Korea
March 25 – July 24, 2022

We tend to be diffident when appreciating art; even more so in terms of contemporary works, which are often regarded as abstruse, or else elicit a response along the lines of “Anyone could make that!”. This exhibition was inspired by the disconnect between the viewer and contemporary art. The complex and esoteric emotions that viewers experience when they encounter contemporary art are taken as given, exacerbated by its allegorical nature, which tends to exclude the immediate feelings of the viewer, creating a very specific atmosphere within which one is expected to interpret a particular work.


An Exhibition with Little Information does not provide the following information (name of artist, title of artwork(s), year of production, biography of artist and description of artwork), which would normally serve to dictate the biographical, economic, cultural, and socio-political context of the artworks, in order to allow viewers to approach each artwork as a self-contained whole.


The exhibition rejects the notion that an artwork is defined by external contexts and therefore most such contexts have been considered non-essential information in terms of the interpretation of art. However, there seemed little threat to autonomous artistic appreciation in describing the physical attributes of the works, so information provided in the exhibition is limited to factors such as 1. Media and Techniques used for Artworks and 2. Dimensions.


In order to allow maximum freedom of artistic interpretation, the exhibition avoided complex and impenetrable socio-political artworks wherever possible, and focused more on purely sensory issues. In the gallery space, the artworks were displayed in as neutral a manner as possible to allow for fair appreciation, and any excessive interior design was avoided.


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May 20, 2022
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